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Jan. 1, 2014 / Jeff

Things Look a Little Different Around Here

The digital part of our overhaul took just a little bit longer than expected. We had a lot of fun working with Nick at Fork Spoon on the design, and even though there were a few snags along the way, it is finally up and running and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

There are a bunch of new projects up here that we held back publishing in anticipation of this new site & I am glad that we did now that we get to see them in the new project format. We also get to see a lot of our older projects in a new light. Since we are no longer limited to a maximum number of images per project, we went back through the archives and found some really great older images that we just didn’t have room for before. Matt at pilotLight Studios built us a really functional back end which gives us a lot more control over what we can update and how often. This should translate into a much fresher site with higher quality images.

We now have Journal A, which is meant to give some insight into how our studio works. We are hoping to cover everything from concept to completion and lots of things that happen along the way. It would be really great if we could show more of how our design process works and what happens when things quite literally don’t go according to plan. There are the inevitable surprises on every project and sometimes they can dramatically alter its direction. We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers, it is often the richest part of the experience for us, and how we come up with that particular solution is what ultimately makes each project a MNA one. Hopefully by showing this side of what we do it will give you a greater appreciation for the final product.

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