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May 18, 2020 / Michael

A New Start

This past April marked our 25th anniversary in business.

That our silver year and that particular month would challenge us in ways that we could not have imagined just a short time ago is an understatement, but it is also providing us, as it is for many others, a moment to emerge from our shelter and respond to the new world we now see. We now have an opportunity to assess the goals and ideas we’ve maintained all these years and develop fresh solutions to the hurdles we face to remain relevant and viable in these new times.

Our New Studio Name

We are extremely happy and proud to announce a name change for our studio in this milestone year. Moving forward we will now be Neumann & Rudy. Jeff Rudy, who has been here since 1998, has been an essential part in forming who we are as a studio. In real terms, he has always been an equal partner in creating a supportive and creative environment and producing award-winning international work. The addition of his name to our studio is long overdue. It has been an honor and pleasure working with Jeff these past 22 years and I look forward to sharing the challenges we’ll face in the years to come.It is an exciting moment for us and appropriate that it occurs on our 25th Anniversary in practice.

Our New Work Space

These past few months of sheltering and working at home, has helped us realize and place a higher value than ever on the importance of gathering together as a studio to share our thoughts and ideas. The energy and creativity that naturally happens from us just being together in the studio is not easily replaced with video calls and teleconferences and we are anxious to get back there!

It has also changed our concept of what our space needs to be. We realize that it is not essential to commute to work every day just to be there. What is important is that the time we do get to spend together be more meaningful and productive. It should be more flexible and efficient in how it is used. It acknowledges the advantages of less commuting time and intense use of public transportation. It values the time spent with family. It should be an environment that addresses the health of the city and the people who live and work there.

Our New Work Environment and Challenges

If we become more thoughtful in the value of our time and how we spend it, we can determine more carefully what we hope to gain from our colleagues, projects and clients, and how we can maintain a meaningful connection with them. How can we each enjoy and learn and share from each other and make sure we are all equally participating in the process? We need to be a voice of positivity, creativity, and be mindful of candor and transparency in everything we do.

A New Start - Michael Neumann & Jeff Rudy - Architects: Neumann & Rudy

A New Start - Architects: Neumann & Rudy

A New Start - Jeff Rudy & Michael Neumann - Architects: Neumann & Rudy